The Holidays Are Coming, Are You Ready?

Every year people are preparing for the holidays earlier and earlier. You’ve seen the evidence, Christmas decorations are out in the stores as early as September, a phenomenon called “Christmas Creep”. So what does that have to do with marketing your business?

The obvious first option is to start promoting your seasonal services and merchandise earlier. For example, if your cleaning business has a special deep cleaning service that you offer for people expecting guests over the holidays it is a good idea to promote that service before your competition. 

Another option is to offer special holiday packages. Using the same cleaning business example, if you don’t have a special holiday deep clean package, maybe that is something you can offer. If your business sells products, you could package different products together to make a special gift item.

You could also run paid ads designed for the season. For these ads, you can use verbiage about the benefit of your product or service for the fall or winter. You can also use words that relate to the holiday season, for example, “gift” or “present” as a lot of people will be using those search terms this time of year.

According to, you should start planning your holiday marketing in July, and begin promoting in September. The reason for this is that you want people to be made aware of your business well before they actually start to do their shopping. A survey by NPD shows that many shoppers plan to do their shopping before Thanksgiving and that one of the biggest shopping days of the year is now Amazon’s Second Prime Day which is in October.

Getting ready for the holidays can be a busy time, Muldrow Marketing can help alleviate some of the stress by elevating your brand by elevating your holiday marketing. Contact us today to get started.


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