Let’s Talk About Content Creation

So, you’ve made the decision to get serious about content creation for your business’s social media and website. You sit down to get started, but oh no! Writer’s block! Let’s talk about that age-old problem and how to move past it.

When you first get started creating content for your business, it can come easily. Eventually, though, it may feel as though you have discussed everything about your business and don’t know what else there is to say. Your business is great! What more do customers need to know? The answer is – a lot!

One of the easiest ways to develop content is by answering the Who, What, Where, When, and Why questions that customers may have about your business.

    • Who?
      • Who can benefit from your business’s services or products?
      • Who are the customers that have already benefited from your business’s services or products?
      • Who may not even realize they need services or products?
        • Think “how can I expand my target market?”
    • What?
      • What problems does your business solve?
        • Applications for your service/product.
      • What does your business do?
        • Self-explanatory, tell people what you do!
      • What different types of products or services do you have?
        • Explain the options that customers have available to them.
    • Where?
      • Where is your business?
        • Talk about the location of your business. Operate in a small town? Tell people about it!
      • Where does your business operate?
      • Where can people find more information about your business?
        • Website, social media platforms, specific pages on your website, contact info.
  • When?
      • When did you start your business?
        • People love a good origin story!
      • When does your business operate?
        • Hours of operation. Open late? By Appointment? Highlight those details!
      • When can customers see results?
        • Immediately? Within 24 hours? 
  • Why?
    • Why should customers choose your business?
      • Tell them why you’re so great!
    • Why did you decide to start your business?
      • Again, origin stories rock.
    • Why does your product or service work?
      • Customers want to know how your product/service will work to solve their problem.

Another option is to answer more specific questions you have received. If you run a bakery and get asked about gluten-free options, make content about it!

If you have answered all of the questions you could possibly think to answer, there is still hope! Customers like to know that there are real people behind businesses. This is what we call organic content. This kind of content involves posting photos from an event that you and your employees attended or sponsored. It can also include things like what a typical day is like at your business or plans for growing your business.

You also don’t always have to talk about your business! Have you read a cool article about your field? Share it! Is there something cool happening in your community? Tell people about it!

Customers are always on the search for information and want to know as much as possible about a company before they do business with them. It is all about building trust and nurturing the customer relationship. Your content is the perfect way to keep connected.

If you are still stumped for content, Muldrow Marketing can help! Contact us today to get started!


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