Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for your business seems easy enough. It’s free to make a business profile and post, right?

Social Media Marketing for Small BusinessWhile those things are true, there is a lot more that goes into growing your business on social media. Social media managers know all the minute details that go into growing your presence, and therefore your brand. 

Social media marketing agencies for small businesses consider things like which platform your target audience is most likely to use. If your target market is in the 65+ demographic, chances are they aren’t going to find your business on TikTok!

Another consideration is the fact that while you are trying to grow your brand on social media, doing so is more about connecting with your market than actual promotion. Do you have the time to respond to comments? What about curating content that speaks to your audience?

It can be scary to think of someone else speaking on behalf of your business, but working with an agency is a partnership! They should be able to help you lighten your load while using your brand’s voice throughout the content.

Muldrow Marketing aims to elevate your presence by offering social media marketing packages so you don’t have to stress about pricing. Contact us today to get started!


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