X and Threads: What’s New? 

Examples of Twitter wording left on "X" after the rebrand.

Over the last few weeks, so much has happened in the world of social media!  Meta launched their new platform Threads, and Twitter is now called “X”. With all this change, everyone has been left wondering what changed, what do I need to do, or is just confused by all this sudden change. Don’t fret; we are here to tell you all you need to know about these changes!


Threads Meta's new social media platform

Threads is Meta’s version of Twitter. While it had a strong start with over 100 million users within the first week, the craze has simmered down after a few weeks, and the platform only has about 25 million active users.  Despite the platform losing users, Threads continues to update and listen to its users by implementing the following tab.

Before this update, users relied solely on a feed generated by algorithms and interests. Now, users can see content from their favorite creators and friends with ease. This “following” tab gives a similar experience to Twitter (now “X”). 

If Threads sounds like a platform you would like to be part of, joining the platform is simple. If you already have an Instagram account, simply log in with that information and your username, followers, and verification transfer over. 

Just a few weeks after Meta launched Threads, Twitter rebrands into X. For many users, this has been the last straw to the constant changes the platform has experienced. Rebranding has its place. When you are dealing with an iconic brand like Twitter, it’s important to do it right, and X didn’t take many branding elements into account. When the rebrand first launched, there were still remnants of Twitter, including still referring to it as Twitter within the app and buttons labeled “Tweet”, and calling those posts Tweeting.

Examples of Twitter wording left on "X" after the rebrand.

This rebrand is a continuation of the company stepping away from being only a social media platform. Their goal is for X to become an “everything app,” including being able to order dinner and transfer money. 

With both platforms making changes so close together, it will be interesting to see how one affects the other and if Threads takes users away from X. 

With all the changes happening in social media, business owners don’t have time to keep up with everything. Marketers, (like us!), love keeping up with all things social media and digital marketing. We are here to help our clients understand what is happening!


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