How To ESTABLISH A Brand with Marketing Videos

Currently, on the internet, there are over 1.3 million people on YouTube, with over 1,000,000,000 hours of content viewed each day. In fact, research shows that YouTube is replacing TV for “primetime” video watching after work and on the weekends.

Much of this can be attributed to our society’s switch to preferring easy, digestible content in shorter videos. But what does that mean for your business?



Spending lots of time on marketing campaigns that won’t be seen or watched all the way through is sadly a waste of time. It is important to consider your video marketing strategy and what is the best move to establish a brand for your business. 

For many businesses, short YouTube videos or videos on a social media platform are great for getting seen because currently, it is the viewer’s favorite content. This also makes it very shareable, increasing your chances of having a successful video marketing campaign


After deciding that creating videos your customers can view on YouTube or other social platforms is the right move for you, the next step is understanding which type of online video will land the most with your target audience.

Story Hunter gives us a great list of video types to use on social media, however today we are just going to talk about a few of our favorites.

Don’t Forget Where You Came From 


What better place to start than with an “origin story” video?

Many companies are born from a collision of passion and value. Though some companies have changed more than others since their humble beginnings, a good origin story is always a great way to pull some heartstrings while sharing critical information on the core foundation of an organization.

Whatever your origin story is, no one can deny a video work of its beginnings will always shareable content.


Who’s Who?


And who says it’s important.

Another great form of video sharing to tug at the heartstrings are videos that let people in on some of the behind the scenes action that goes on within your company.

Anytime your company hires a new employee is a great time to introduce your new staff member to the audience so they feel like they’re getting the scoop! This not only helps them to emotionally connect to your brand but helps them trust you as a service provider, making you more credible in the long run.



Let’s Explain

Oftentimes, simple and straightforward is the best. Our explainer videos and product videos do just that. 

With a straightforward and easy approach, these videos are great ways to say flat out who you are and why you are here. Call to actions are easy to incorporate since these videos are up front and transparent. 

Whenever you have simple call-to-action, with a candid brand, these are the videos for you. It just is what it is




And why we trust them.

Contrary to popular belief, most testimonials are real people. They work well because they don’t have to be overly elaborate or creative to be effective. According to, studies show that “79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” 

However, as simple and straight forward as a testimonial can be, they still have to be believable to work. 

First thing’s first, find a consumer who truly believes in your product as much as you do.  Then, simply interview them on camera. No script, no polished lines. Just let them explain to you why they are so proud to use your product or service again and again. 

The beauty of technology is that you can let them speak for a while until you find the verbiage that portrays your product well. After some editing and removing some pauses or lengthy phrases, you are left with a short but concise video that does your product justice





With the rise of social media, unboxing videos have really skyrocketed. For the same reason children get excited on Christmas morning, there is nothing that grabs the viewers’ attention like unboxing videos.

This type of video content allows multiple products to be viewed and explained in short detail. The trick is, however, the more invested the audience is in the person who is doing the unboxing, the more interested they will be in what is unboxed.

Sending your products to social media influencers with large following for unboxing videos is an excellent marketing tool to grow awareness about your brand. 




Last, but not least, is the how-to video. There are an infinite amount of instructional videos on the internet because these videos offer not only a great way to describe your product, but also a way to show how your product solves a problem. 

Similarly, it helps consumers know that your product or service provides that solution, inviting them to come back time and time again as they need it. This also makes it easy to share as customers want to help one another find the information that they need. These are the videos showed to co-workers with the message, “I thought you might use this.” Nothing gets passed around like a good how-to video.




All of these types of video are a great way to start establishing your brand and growing clientele. Marketing experts will tell you a good campaign comes from knowing your target audience and communicating with them effectively. And while we know videos are for sure the most effective way to communicate, it takes some research and experience to decide the best way to communicate with them. 

At Muldrow Marketing, we specialize in helping businesses elevate their brand to reach their ideal customer. Whether this is through web-design, social media management, or a full-scale professional video campaign, we’re here for you.

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