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At your fingertips.

To put it frankly, the world is not short on videos to watch. What we are short on, however, is good videos – videos backed by experience and professionalism.

It is no longer enough to just “make a video” to have your brand stand out (though statistics say, it does make a difference. Read more about that here.)

It should be a well done, high quality video that offers something “above the rest” (pun intended).



It is someone’s future home and, for some, their largest investment. However, for clients to truly get an understanding of that home, they want to get the greatest view of it that they can. And what better way to do that than a drone video of the real estate and its surroundings?

Providing a bird’s eye view of the property not only gives the buyers a better understanding of the layout of the home, but also the other assets that the place has to offer. Maybe there is a peaceful pond you want to highlight, or the front porch of the home just can’t be experienced with a flat, non-moving photograph. 

"73% of homeowners...list with an agent who uses video."

You may have read our Real Estate blog where we mentioned that according to promodo.com, “73% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video.” In addition, they also say that “marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users”, giving it a 51% return on investment. 


Every time.

Muldrow Marketing comes alongside your real estate photographer to get your homes sold – and fast. We want to partner with you to get your inventory looking its best.

Bring the whole home to life by inviting viewers in with drone photography and video by Muldrow Marketing. 



Inspections and regulations.

And no, we don’t mean video commercials (though we do those, too. Check it out here!) We’re talking about commercial buildings. 

Oftentimes, commercial buildings and warehouses need to meet specific inspections and regulations. Yet, rather than putting workers in danger by climbing through rafters and in-tight places, or getting on the roof, let a drone do it. 

Increase inventory accuracy. Decrease labor cost. Minimize accidents.

Drones have the ability to go higher and farther than you or I can, and also capture a broader view. With a drone, you can stay on top of your warehouse regulations without breaking the bank. Ethz tells us that the use of drones “increase(s) the inventory accuracy, decrease(s) labor costs, and minimize(s) dangerous tasks for the workforce.”


Let's go to the movies.

Ken Burns immortalized the famous “zoom in” we associate with documentaries today. However, we don’t realize that the Oscar-nominated documentarian is also known for his sweeping landscape footage that often aids in his storytelling.

Originally done with a helicopter and a large, clunky camera; drones can take the place of what used to take a lot of preparation and safety meetings to accomplish. Even more so, drones maneuver much more nimbly and seamlessly, providing a sleek, modern look to footage.

We're taking your project sky-high.


Whether you are setting out to be the next great documentary filmmaker or want to capture landscape shots for your film, corporate event, or wedding, Muldrow Marketing is the team to help you get it done. 

We’re here to help you take your project sky-high (last pun, we promise). Give us a call today to get started!