Currently, on the internet, there are over 1.3 million people on YouTube, with over 1,000,000,000 hours of content viewed each day. In fact, research shows that YouTube is replacing TV for “primetime” video watching after work and on the weekends.

Much of this can be attributed to our society’s switch to preferring easy, digestible content in shorter videos. But what does that mean for your business’ service advertising?



Spending lots of time on marketing campaigns that are never going to be seen or watched all the way through is sadly a waste of time. It is important to consider your video marketing strategy to make the most of your business service advertising efforts. 

For many businesses, short YouTube videos or videos on a social media platform are great for getting seen because currently, it is the viewer’s favorite content. This also makes it very shareable, increasing your chances of having a successful business service advertising campaign



Muldrow Marketing is a full-service advertising agency offering assistance in many areas including video production. If you decide a business service advertising video  is right for you, we can develop the script and offer the resources and crew you need to make it happen! 

But of course, the first step is understanding which type of online video will land the most with your target audience.


Don’t Forget Where You Came From 


Many companies are born from a collision of passion and value. Though some companies have changed more than others since their humble beginnings, a good origin story is always a great way to pull some heartstrings. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations, however, any organization can use this to utilize business service advertising.

When it comes to business service advertising, this is a great opportunity to showcase how your services have developed or stayed true to their origins since the beginning of your business. 

Whatever your origin story is, no one can deny a video production of its beginnings is always shareable content.


Who’s Who?


And who says it’s important.

Another great form of business service advertising to speak to the emotional connection of your business  are videos that let people in on some of the behind the scenes action that goes on within your company.

Anytime your company hires a new employee is a great time to introduce your new staff member to the audience so they feel like they’re “in” on the development. This helps them trust you as a service provider, making you more credible in the long run



And why we trust them.

Most testimonials are real people. They work well because they don’t have to be overly elaborate or creative to be effective. According to, studies show that “79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” 

However, as simple and straight forward as a testimonial can be, they still have to be believable to work. 

First things first, find a consumer who truly believes in your service as much as you do.  Then, simply interview them on camera. No script, no polished lines. Just let them explain to you why they are so proud to use your product or services again and again. 




Although there are a lot more videos out there, these are a great way to start introducing your services and growing clientele. Marketing experts will tell you a good campaign comes from knowing your target audience and communicating with them effectively. And while we know videos are for sure the most effective way to communicate, it takes some research and experience to decide the best way to communicate with them.

At Muldrow Marketing, we specialize in helping businesses elevate their brand to reach their preferred customer. No matter what your next project is, we’re here for you.

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