Behind the Scenes of Muldrow Monday Videos

Our Muldrow Mondays videos are one of our favorite things to do. We get to create something that is reflective of our team and is totally fun to make! While we thoroughly enjoy making these videos, they are a lot of hard work!

The process starts with an idea. The team collectively chooses the topic and theme for each video. We want to showcase all of the amazing services that we offer our clients, so we try to vary the topic each time. Once we have a topic we discuss the theme. This can vary based on the time of year (for example if there is a holiday coming up), themes we have already done (we want each video to be unique!), or even an ad or movie that we saw and want to twist to make our own.

Check out our spin on classic detective films!

The next step is a script! While our Muldrow Mondays videos are quite short, they still need a script, every time. This helps everyone to stay in character and ensures that the video will be on brand and on target for the theme. The script development can even take some research to write so that each video is perfect. We also need to know where and when the video will be filmed, so it is crucial that we include location and schedule in the scriptwriting process.

Next is filming. Filming can be as short as 30 minutes, but can last as long as 2 hours! We have to make sure all of the cameras are ready, lighting is set up, the stage is set, and props are accounted for. Once everything is set up, cue the actors! The amount of time this process takes depends on whether we have multiple locations to set up and how much work is involved in setting the stage.

The last step is editing. Once we have filmed all of the scenes, all of those scenes have to be cut together in a way that makes sense. This includes cutting out any errors or shots that may not work as well as we thought for the flow of the video. 

Muldrow Marketing takes pride in the amazing, high-quality videos that we produce, not only for ourselves but for our clients as well. To get help with your video projects contact us today!


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