The Power of Branding 

Example of well executed branding

As a marketing agency, we are constantly noticing the branding that is all around us. In fact, it can get on our loved ones’ nerves, but this stresses our point even more. Your business’s branding has a large impact on how people view and perceive your business. First, we need to understand what branding is and why it’s so powerful. Branding is creating an identity for your business, product, etc, and as stated previously mentioned, this affects how people view your business.

A recent example of well-executed branding is the Barbie movie. No matter if you are a fan of the movie, you have likely come across their branding because it is a marketing and branding success. Their most noticeable, noteworthy, and powerful branding is a billboard that is simply Barbie’s signature pink and the date of their theatrical release. This shows the power branding has because without directly telling you, the viewer knows what it is. Even people who would regularly have no interest in this type of content know what is and connect the color to Barbie.

The simple pink billboard shows the power of branding.
The Barbie Movie’s Powerful Branding

While this is an extreme example, this happens all the time in the world of marketing and branding. Even within our communities, small businesses become synonymous with a part of their brand, but how does a small business owner build a brand?

There are things a small business can do to build a strong brand and become well-known in their communities.  For example, one of the simplest things a business can do is choose brand colors to represent their business and create their brand profile around this. 

This is where a marketing agency with a design team comes in. We can help create a memorable brand and give you a brand tool kit to follow. The brand tool kit is a guide to help make consistent design decisions when using your logo and brand colors in your business. 

These simple design decisions help make your brand memorable and as an added benefit, make you look professional and put together. 

If you are a new business, get off to a strong start with a strong brand. Even if you are an established business, rebranding can make a significant impact. Muldrow’s team can help you create a memorable brand that stands out!


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