What Makes a Great Website? 

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What Makes a Great Website? 

Your website is often the first impression your customers have of you, but creating a great website is not as simple and straightforward as it seems. After helping create dozens of websites, we have compiled a checklist we go through before taking a site live. 

Great Copy 

A beautiful website will get your customer’s attention, but what keeps them on your website is the information and content they find.  However, this does not mean throwing all the information on your website. It’s about making it engaging and valuable to your audience. The most important piece of information your website can have is a clear description of what you do and how this helps your target audience. 

Easy to Navigate

The goal is for your visitors to explore your website and learn more about your business, but this won’t happen if they find it difficult to navigate. The use of clear headlines and easy-to-follow menus and including a search bar are methods of making your website easily searchable and scannable.  

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Visually Interesting 

By this, we do not mean cramming every possible thing into your website. Instead, make your content easily consumable, skimmable, and not too overwhelming for the visitor’s eyes. We see a lot of sites use way too many colors, fonts, images, and even animations. This is often too much for visitors’ eyes to understand, and instead of them moving forward in exploring your website, they click away. 

Mobile Friendly 

More and more people are ditching their desktops and using their mobile devices to visit websites, but what does this have to do with website design? Your website has to be mobile-friendly! This means making sure everything on your website looks and operates correctly on phones. If someone visits your site on their phone and it looks off, they will likely not visit you on a desktop because it is inconvenient or they will ultimately forget about your business. 

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Even after creating dozens of websites, we are continuously finding ways to improve a visitor’s experience with our client’s websites. However, we have to admit, it takes time and a lot of patience to create a great website. We understand business owners have their hands full with running their businesses, so we make sure your website attracts your ideal customers. To find out more about our website services, contact us


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