Marketing for the Generations

We have previously talked about the future of marketing. However, we wanted to expand more on the impact Gen Z and Millenials have on marketing and the importance of adapting to these generations.

Gen Z 

One of the main reasons to adapt is that Gen Z is no longer teens and tweens! A large portion of them are now in the workforce. With work comes money, so it is no wonder that in 2021, Gen Z had a buyer power of $360 Billion! 

With those numbers, marketers have begun aiming their marketing toward this group. However, they are not always successful. Although it’s easy to generalize and poke fun at the slang Gen Z use, it should be done in moderation. Overusing slag will make your brand seem out of touch, inauthentic, and “cringy” (as the Gen Zers say!). 

Gen Z using their phone to receive marketing messages

Another mistake brands make when marketing to Gen Z is not projecting their values. Gen Z values brands that stand for something. However, this does not mean simply saying what you think they want to hear, because another Gen Z characteristic is valuing genuine content. 


Millennials are similar to Gen Z in many ways because they both are comfortable with technology and value authenticity. However, it’s important to note that even though they share similar values, Millennials have grown up and are now adults. This means steering away from considering them teens or in their early twenties and focusing on understanding their new roles in their lives. 

We have seen what they value, but what are real-world examples of brands effectively gaining support from these generations? 

A brand that made news was Patagonia. The founder gave away his entire company to fight climate change. While this gesture was not necessarily an advertising campaign, the company has received praise for this action, especially from younger generations like Millenials and Gen Z. 


Simple. The brand genuinely cares about the cause and did something to help it. This is an example of how if your brand truly cares about something, it’s a good idea to talk about it! 

While a generational breakdown is a great way to get an insight into your customers, it’s important to take all of this information with a grain of salt. The best way to gain information is by speaking to your target audience and learning what they have to say.

Marketing to the right audience is difficult enough, but targeting a certain generation, especially younger ones, makes the task even harder. This is where we come into play. We love keeping up with the latest trends, so let Muldrow Marketing help guide you through your marketing efforts. Contact us today to start elevating your brand. 


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