Why Should You Care About Newsletters? 

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Even though social media has become a popular way of connecting with target audiences, newsletters still play a valuable role in a well-formed marketing strategy. Most of us are familiar with email marketing, and newsletters can be part of any email marketing campaign.

First, we need to understand that while newsletters are sent via email, they are not the same as email campaigns. Newsletters are structured, consistent, and share information that your email list will find valuable. On the other hand, email campaigns are more sporadic and often urge the recipient to buy a service or product. These are often ignored for coming across as salesy. Another thing to keep in mind is that email campaigns target short-term goals, such as sale promotions, while newsletters deliver long-term results. 

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Now that we understand what newsletters are and how they differ from traditional email campaigns, we can learn how they can help your business grow! Newsletters help build trust with your customers and nurture relationships. Building trust is the key to becoming a leader in your field. The more a customer trusts you and sees you as an industry leader, the more likely they are to recommend your business or promote your content among friends.

Newsletters are a great way to nurture your audience and keep them coming back to you for more information. Think about it this way: it should feel like catching up with an old friend. You give them a rundown of what happened since the last time you talked, or in this case, the last newsletter. However, there should still be an action item for your email list members. You’re catching them up and giving them just enough to want to learn more about it by reading the content promoted in the newsletter. 

As previously stated, content promoted in newsletters should be valuable, shareable, and promote trust among customers. Potential content to share includes case studies, industry news, employee recognition, articles, blog posts, upcoming events, sales, promotions, ad other shareable content. However, promotions should be sent in moderation to keep customers engaged.  

While newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your audience, it’s important to note that they take time and commitment. Newsletters must be sent out consistently. Whether you decide to send them on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly schedule, keep in mind that the content sent out must be consistent in both layout and style. These newsletters are an extension of your marketing effort. Therefore, they must stay on brand in order to present consistent branding. 

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If you are thinking about promoting your content via newsletter, the team at Muldrow Marketing can help you create a well-structured and eye-catching newsletter.  Contact us to start connecting with your customers! 


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