The Future of Marketing

It’s no surprise when we tell you that marketing is changing – it’s already changed so much in the last few decades! From the days of relying on print, radio, and television to get a message across to social media, email, and blogging, marketing has changed the way we can connect to customers. Therefore, we can only imagine how much more the industry will change in the upcoming years!

In-App Shopping 

There will be an even larger movement of customers shopping online. Since the pandemic, the number of people that shop online has increased, and it is likely the number will stay steady or even increase more!

Social media platforms have capitalized on this, with most now offering in-app purchases, TikTok being the newest to add this feature in late March 2023. These features include live shopping and product tagging. Users can now buy products without even leaving the app. Even though this feature has not been available long on the platform in the US, marketers and influencers are already utilizing it to drive up sales.

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Short-Form Video

TikTok has changed the way we consume media. Moving away from the long-standing tradition of long-form, educational content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok has taken over the screens of almost everyone. Even if TikTok leaves the app store or loses its audience, it is likely its effects will last. 

The app’s popularity has left behind shorter attention spans. This leaves marketers with the opportunity and challenge of catching and keeping the customer’s attention in a matter of seconds. This can be especially difficult because there will always be people that do not find short-form content convenient, so marketers must find a way to make both parties happy. Our team can offer guidance on both. Check out some of our video services here:


Although trust has always been valued, today and the future will rely heavily on how well customers know a company/brand. In an age where almost everything can be verified, people are cautious of big brands’ traditional ads. This is where trust and transparency come into the conversation. People want to know what brands are up to and the values, ethics, and morals a company fosters.

Customers put their trust in other consumers; therefore, social media and influencer marketing have become increasingly popular. These influencers foster a greater sense of trust because they are a consumer, just like the audience. However, it is a double-edged sword. While customers trust them, others see them as just another ad for the brand/company. Therefore, it’s important to do research and see if this route of marketing is the right fit for you. 


You’re probably aware of AI, but you may not know how it will affect marketing and how they view consumers. Most of us are familiar with Siri and Alexa, but there are other AI available such as ChaGBT, MetaVerse, and Google Cloud AI. Canva and Microsoft are also set to launch AI for their services (more on this later!). But this still doesn’t answer the question of how will all of this affect the future of marketing. Well, this creates the opportunity for marketers to use AI to create more compelling ads, content, etc. It will also change where, when, and how marketers place ads by helping marketers learn more about the customer lifecycle. 

The way marketing is done may change, but the team that Muldrow Marketing will help you adapt to the ever-changing industry standards and create a marketing strategy that works for your needs! Contact us to start building your marketing strategy. 


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