Common Social Media Mistakes

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Social Media is a great way to grow your business and express your creativity. However, the internet is forever, so you need to take your social media presence seriously and see it as an extension of your brand. To help you avoid mistakes, we are going to talk about some of the common social media mistakes everyone, from small business owners to large corporations, makes.

Content that Lacks Value

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t follow people or brands that I don’t find value in. Whether it’s finding out the latest promotions or catching up on a brand’s recent news, we follow them because we find their content valuable. The same should be said about your social media posts. 

The content will depend on the kind of business and the image you want to present to your target audience. For example, content can range from product or service offerings to something you find interesting, like news, tips, or the latest trends. No matter the content you post, it should further your brand’s objectives.

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Complicated Visuals

Visuals must be appealing. However, it may seem easy to just post a picture because you like it, find it cute, and it’s simple to post. For example, it may be tempting to use a QR code, but you need to keep in mind what social platforms you are publishing your content on.

Is it a social media platform that most people use on their phones or computers? You don’t want to publish QR codes on platforms primarily used on phones, like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. QR Codes produce more engagement on print material since people need their phones to scan them. To get people to interact with your social media posts, instead of a QR Code, post a link! 

You want to make the process of receiving information as easy as possible, and placing a QR code on a phone screen complicates the process. If you add too many steps, they are less likely to continue in the buying process.

Creating Social Media Videos

Not Creating Videos

As mentioned in our previous blog, videos, especially short-form videos, have become a powerful tool to use in social media. This type of social media content has become the new norm amongst social media users. However, there is still value in long-form educational videos.

No matter what type of content you choose, short videos or educational videos, our team can help you create eye-catching content to capture your audience’s attention. Learn more about our video offerings.

Inconsistent Branding 

Going hand in hand with the other frequent social media mistakes is not keeping up your brand’s profile. Social media is an extension of your brand and should be treated as such.

Even though it should be fun, time and thought have to be put in to create effective content for your brand. This includes using the same color palette, similar fonts, and the same brand voice in copywriting across all your social media accounts. 

While managing social media channels may seem frightening and overwhelming, don’t fear! With the right strategy and marketing help from a social media marketing agency like us, creating effective social media content can be easy.

Creating a consistent brand across social media platforms

Mistakes are bound to happen, but by following these tips, the only thing you have to worry about is creating the content. If social media still sounds like a handful, our team is happy to help you create, manage and post your content for you. Check out some of our social media services!


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