The Importance of Social Media

Social media may seem like a trivial thing when it comes to your business. It’s just people scrolling vacation photos from their friends…right?

It is actually extremely important. Not only can it help you with engaging with your customers, but it can also help you to learn more about what your customers think about your business.

As we’ve said before, engaging with your customers is key to helping build trust with them. Customers can feel frustrated if they miss out on a sale, a new product, or if you switch locations. This frustration might seem small, but it can leave them with a negative impression of your business that can sometimes grow to the point of them turning away.

Customers also like to give feedback. Social media is a great medium for that! People can comment on posts and even send messages with any concerns or questions they have. Even if someone comments and leaves a negative review, you can change it into something positive by responding to them with helpful information or with the steps that you are taking to resolve their issue. Seeing that you are actively taking steps to help customers turns that negative feedback into a positive impression.

Simply being active on social media can also help. A huge majority of customers will look at a business’s social media before doing business with them. Your business’s page may not get a lot of comments from customers, but having information about your business can help sway them because it is your opportunity to explain why they should do business with you. If a customer sees your business’s page and you haven’t posted in a long time, they may wonder if your business is still open.

Social media is also a great place to run ads! You can design ads for your business just like Google. You can also promote individual posts if you are running a sale or have new products. People are constantly scrolling through social media, so your ads have a huge chance of being seen.

All in all, social media is vital for attracting customers, receiving customer feedback, and building customer loyalty. If you are confused or don’t have time for social media, Muldrow Marketing is here to help! Contact us today.


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