Bring it Home With Branded Materials

Physical marketing items are extremely important when it comes to the growth of your business. Humans like to touch and hold things, so having branded materials such as promo items, flyers, and business cards are great for raising brand awareness. You also can’t always rely on a person to remember your business’s information, so giving it to them on a medium that they can reference is extremely helpful.

Branded promo items are more than just a pen that has your name printed on them. You want to make sure that the promo items are designed with your branding in mind. Choose pens that have your brand’s colors. Include your logo in the design on the pens. Choose promo items that relate to your business Such as hand sanitizer for a doctor’s office, stress balls for a masseuse, custom water bottles for a gym, power banks for a tech company, tote bags at trade shows, and travel mugs for a coffee shop. All of these will help to promote your brand through brand exposure.

Design also has a major role in the flyers or business cards that you hand out. Conveying information with text alone won’t have a huge impact, but including logos, graphics, charts, and high-quality photos makes people more likely to read and retain the information. Including different brand-specific design elements makes people more likely to read the information on the flyers or cards.

Check out these statistics about branded materials:

  • 83% of people are more likely to do business with a brand that gave them a promotional product (
  • 79% of consumers researched the brand that gave them a customized promotional item.(
  • A potential customer is expected to hold on to a colored business card 10x longer than a standard white one.(
  • 48% of consumers visited the shop listed on a flyer they received. (

The numbers don’t lie! Promoting your business with a wide range of custom products is beneficial.

The main piece of information to keep in mind when choosing to use physical branded materials is that design matters. Don’t know where to start? Muldrow Marketing has a team of design pros that can help! Contact us today.


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