Building Connections With Videos

photo video camera with empty white screen in audience recording

Videos are an extremely powerful tool for growing your business. According to, YouTube has more than 122 million active users daily! Now, more than ever, people are drawn to video content.

Videos not only entertain, but they also educate. Educating customers is extremely valuable for building their trust in your brand and therefore building their loyalty. 

Video ads help to give potential customers a taste of what to expect when working with you. Whether it is showcasing your amazing products or creating an ad that shows your company’s personality, people like to know what to expect.

Videos aren’t just about ads, though. Having videos on your website introducing staff or walking through the services you provide is also incredibly important. This further lets customers know what to expect on top of making them feel a deeper connection with your business. 

Most people feel more comfortable entering into business transactions when they know someone or know what the process is ahead of time. Watching videos makes them comfortable by educating them.

Another type of video that builds connections is testimonials. It’s one thing to hear from the owners and staff of a business that want your business, but it’s something entirely different to hear from people who have walked in their shoes. Having testimonials from previous customers can be the gentle nudge that they need if they are hesitant. 

So when it comes to videos, instilling your customers with confidence through education and building connections is key. To get help with your videos, contact Muldrow Marketing!


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