Blogging is the Best!

Why is blogging the best? We’re glad you asked! Posting blogs for your business has various benefits from building customer relationships to strengthening your website’s SEO.

Let’s start with building the customer relationship. Blog posts are a great way to keep your customers updated on any news with your business because it gives you a chance to go into more detail. They also give you an opportunity to inform your customers about who your business is and what your products or services are. Keeping your customers educated builds customer trust and loyalty.

Blogging is also great for bringing traffic to your website. Blog pages are another potential page for customers to see in search results. When writing content for your blog, adding keywords to those blogs will help your website’s SEO, which helps your page show up higher in search engine results. Adding links to other pages on your website will also increase your SEO and encourage customers to visit the other pages to learn more and give them the extra push they may need to make a purchase.

What about social media? Blogging is the best for social media too! Customers can share your blog articles on social media! You can also make posts on social media about your blog content. It’s a win-win because the blog gives you social media content, and then that content drives people to your blog, increasing your website traffic.

Another benefit of blogging is that it can help with long-term results. If customers have questions, they can pull answers from blog articles. Being able to find the answers to questions that they have about your field can establish your business as an industry leader.

We can’t say it enough, blogging is the best! If you’d like to get started on blogs for your website, but need help creating content or building a blog, Muldrow Marketing can help! Contact us today.


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