A Guide to Great Marketing Videos: Production

Welcome to the second part of our 3 part blog series on marketing video production! We hope to get you excited about bringing great marketing videos to your business by walking you through what it takes.

This part of the process is called production. This is the fun part! 🤩

Once you have completed the pre-production steps, production begins. This process should move pretty efficiently because you have mapped everything out. 

The first step of production is setting up the lights! Proper lighting is crucial to setting the mood for your video. It can also impact the color and texture in different shots and direct viewers’ eyes to the intended focus of each shot. 

Next is setting up the camera. Your planning should have helped you to determine what kind of camera setup you need. Depending on how involved your marketing video is, the setup could range from a simple tripod all the way up to building a crane

Lights, camera, action! Now it’s time to film! Whether you or someone else is directing your marketing video, the role of the director is critical to ensure the proper delivery of the script. Even experienced actors need some guidance and context. Knowing the marketing video’s purpose and goals helps to get the desired performance from your presenters or actors.

The last part is capturing some B-roll footage. This footage can be different shots of your locations from different angles, behind-the-scenes footage, or anything that follows the theme of the marketing video and can fill gaps in the video. 

Muldrow Marketing has an experienced video marketing team that is ready to help with your marketing video production! From beginning to end your marketing videos will be handled with your goals in mind. Let’s get started. Contact us today.


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